The First Ultra HD - 4K Video Conference of the World

“Satellite, Space and Technology Days powered by TURKSAT” hosted a new global advance in the Ultra HD 4K broadcast technology, which is regarded as the peak of broadcast technology. The ministers of Transportation, Economy, Technology and Sports participated in the event and four mega projects of Turkey met the viewers in 4K in the downlink centre at Halic Congress Centre.The broadcast was on TRT 4K and the graphics of the broadcast were prepared by the local software team Konatus.

The 3rd Istanbul International Airport, the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge under construction, the Gulf Passage Bridge and TAI Satellite Test Centre (where the first local satellite is being tested) took part in the video conference and the ministers asked questions to the people in charge of the projects about the latest updates from the mega projects. The same transmission was done in High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) and was delivered free-to-air and without branding for the broadcast of other TV Channels.

18 MHZ frequency was used for the Ultra HD Videoconference that was the first transmission on the 4B satellite of Turksat at 50 degrees. PikoTV Advanced Modular Encoders and modulators produced by Kizil Elektronik in Turkey were used in the transmission and the performance of the devices got full marks from the broadcasters.



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