Turksat and KIZIL Elektronik will develop products together

Following closely the technological developments in television broadcasting, Türksat aims at designing and producing industrial reliable, industrial domestic products at international level. In this context, together with the Ultra HD 4K test publications, Turksat is providing technical support and testing for many companies to develop new Ultra HD 4K products.

Turksat and Kizil Elektronik decided to cooperate on the development and production of "encoder" and "decoder" devices supporting internationally accepted and professional Ultra HD 4K, HD, SD formats. It is expected that the cooperation of the "encoder" and "decoder" products, which will be developed in the light of innovations in the field of Ultra HD 4K technology, in order to enter national and international markets and to keep imported products and outgoing sources in the country, will make a serious contribution to Turkey.

Turksat General Manager Dr. Ensar Gül and KIZIL Elektronik General Manager Ali KIZIL are scheduled to serve local and publishing sector domestic products to be produced within the scope of "Modular Encoder and Decoder Development Protocol" signed on 24 March 2016.

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