Two Ultra HD (4K) Matches in a Week

ACTAMEDYA has realized two important Ultra HD (4k) productions in a week. Besiktas- v.s. Napoli match in UEFA Champions League and Fenerbahce v.s. Manchester United match in UEFA European League were broadcast Ultra HD (4K) by ACTAMEDYA on TRT4K with sponsorship of BEKO.

ACTAMEDYA carried out sponsorship negotiations besides co- ordination of technical infrastructure of the productions.ACTAMEDYA, TRT4K and BEKO co-operation brought two Ultra HD (4K) productions into life, while ACTAMEDYA has realized 7th Ultra HD(4K) production in Turkey.

In all transmissions, PikoTV Advanced Modular Encoders and Decoders produced by Kizil Electronics in Turkey were used and got full marks from all broadcasters.

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