ACTA MEDYA choose PikoTV Solutions

Acta Medya is expanding its fleet with the addition of 2 OB vans with 4K technology.

With the new 4K broadcast vans, Acta Medya is consolidating its position as a technology benchmark with the possibility of a broadcast quality 4 times better than HD broadcasting. Over the last year, Acta Medya has successfully produced a variety of events in ultra HD 4K, such as the Indoor Athletics Championship in Istanbul, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League games. Outside sports events, highlights include the broadcast of the first ever conference on Ultra HD, “Satellite, Space and Technology Days powered by TURKSAT”.

Since its creation, Acta Medya has always been a leading player in technology investment. In this path, PikoTV Advanced Modular Encoders are being chosen to broadcast Ultra HD in HEVC 50 fps YUV 4:2:10 bits and at the same time, from the same chassis broadcast HD 50 fps YUV 4:2:2 streams. PikoTV Advanced Modular Encoder is fully equiped with IP & ASI Outputs to cover all broadcasting needs.

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