PikoTV broadcasts on social media with TRT Diyanet!

PikoTV Advanced Modular Broadcasting Solutions are now prefered to broadcast on social media platforms like Youtube and Facebook. Via PikoTV encoder; capturing AV signals from multiple SDI or analog inputs, you can do live streaming on multiple CDN points in MP4/FLV - MP3/AAC AVC format simultaneously.

Further more on same chassis, you can broadcast to satellite and CDN networks together.

CANLI | GÖÇ’erken "Halepli Bana Alabed" Belgeseli Galası.

4 Mart 2017 #FacebookLive

CANLI | Diyanet İşleri Başkanı Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez Şanlıurfa'da hutbe irad ediyor. 3 Mart 2017 #FacebookLive

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