PikoTV sponsored TRT4K for 4K Encoding & Decoding of UEFA Europa League Match

PikoTV sponsored TRT4K for 4K contribution operations of Besiktas - Olympiacos UEFA Europa League match. PikoTV Advanced Modular Encoders are used at Istanbul Vodafone Arena together with Mediapro 4K OBVan and TRT SNG. PikoTV Encoders did live 3840x2160 YUV 4:2:0 10 bits HEVC encoding at 50 fps in 1+1 form in a bitrate of 25 Mbps.

At TRT Ankara facility, also PikoTV Advanced Modular Decoders are used to decode for ingest (advert, scoreboard etc.) operations. Total delay for all Contribution Encode - Istanbul Uplink - Ankara Downlink - Contribution Decode - Ingest - Encode - Ankara Uplink and Decode at consumer TV/STB was around 20 seconds.

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