Front Panel:
Rear Panel:
Other Broadcasting Solutions:
  • Multiplexer

    • SPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Input -> MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Output

    • With Null Insertion

  • Demultiplexer

    • MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Input -> SPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Output​

  • Scrambler (Biss 1/E - Hardened BISS)


    • Selection of PID Available (Only​ Video PID, Only Audio PID, or any combination)

    • Hardened BISS (No scrambling of black video, silence, padding bits)

    • Scrambled SPTS or MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Output

  • Descrambler (Biss 1/E - Hardened BISS)

    • Scrambled SPTS or MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Input​

    • Descrambled SPTS or MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Output

  • Logo & Watermark Inserter

    • Add logo to SDI/HDMI/Analog AV signal​

    • Animated Logo Availability

    • Add watermark (Serial Code, Moving Logo)

  • HDCP HDMI Encoder

    • Capture​ HDCP HDMI Content and encode to any format

  • IP to ASI Converter

    • SPTS or MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS to ASI Output​

    • Null Inserter

  • ASI to IP Converter

    • ASI Input​

    • SPTS or MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Output

  • Sat2IP Gateway

    • DVB-S/S2/T/C2 Single/Dual/Dual + CI/Quad/Octo Tuner Support​

    • SPTS or MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Output

    • Filter PID or Channel.

  • TS Manipulator

    • SPTS or MPTS UDP/RTP MpegTS Input Record​

    • Recorded TS to UDP/RTP MpegTS Playout

    • UDP to RTP Convertion / RTP to UDP Convertion

    • UDP / RTP MpegTS Input to FEC Enabled RTP Output

  • HDMI/SDI/AV to Virtual Camera Streamer (Skype/Hangout/etc. Web Presenter)​​


1U Chassis (430*320*46mm)

Processor: AMD® Embedded G-Series SoC (Quad Core, 2GHz)

Memory: 4GB DDR3 1333

Graphics: Integrated AMD Radeon™ HD

APU: AMD® Embedded G-Series SoC

Ethernet: 2x LAN Gbit / 100 Mbit / 10 Mbit

Storage: 1 x SATA 6.0 Gb/s


LPC: 1 x LPC support TPM module / 2 x COM Header

Display Interface: 1 x HDMI / 1 x VGA (The reserved connection)

USB: 2 x USB 2.0 / 2 x USB 3.0

Expansion Interface: 4 x Full-Size Mini-PCIe (w/USB, PCle x 1 Single)

SBC dimension: 128 *104 mm

Accessories: DVB Tuner, ASI or SDI/HDMI/AV Capture Cards