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CPU & GPU Encoding

PikoTV Encoder can encode or transcode video content with CPU and/or GPU. In a single chassis; it is possible to encode 2 x UHD channels via GPU and 8 x HD channels via CPU concurrently. In other configuration 16 HD channels can be encoded and muxed.

Modular System

PikoTV Encoder reduces cost of headend with its built in RF receiver, playout, video router, multiplexer, de-multiplexer, BISS scrambler and modulator functions. As another benefit, PikoTV Encoder can directly give out encoded streams to CDN networks simultaneously.

The unique combination of advanced features

Single Chassis Built-In Solution

PikoTV Encoder has functions for Logo Insertion, Signal Lost Captioning, Watermarking, Sat2IP transmission, TS Recording & Playout, Encode Queue over File List, File Sharing over Windows Networks for content and logo/caption managements.

Codec Engine

PikoTV Encoder can encode in Constant Bitrate, (CBR) Variable Bitrate (VBR) or Capped Variable Bitrate (CVBR). In addition, Adaptive Bitrate  (ABR) is possible to have multi profile video output of the same source. All operations can be done from UHD to SD.


High Frame Rate,

VR / 360 / FishEye

Broadcasted 4K Events

Fenerbahce - Lokomativ Moscow, Galatasaray - Astana, Barcelona - Arsenal, Fenerbahce - Mancester United, Besiktas - Napoli Champions League and Euro Leage games on TRT 4K &  Euro 2016 football matches on Digiturk LigTV 4K.

Live TV Channels

4K Broadcasting: TRT 4K & Digiturk LigTV 4K

HD Broadcasting: Low Bitrate High Quality LigTV HD -

Turkmax Gurme HD & IzTV HD for Digiturk

SD Broadcasting: North Cyprus Channels

Contribution: Tivibu NTVSpor HD / VR: Digiturk LigTV VR

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