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Push VOD / File / OTT Over Satellite

Minimize your cost for content distribution

Today's one of the major problem is distribution of any content to a location with poor broadband internet connectivity or spending internet capacity multiple times to redistribute a content to different locations.

Think about national or internation buses. Their entertainment system consists live tv, movies & music. The company needs to update the content. Many of these companies update content by human power or over internet lines in coach stations, not on the move at all.

In an other scenario, a digital signage company has screens in multiple locations where screens connected to a central server to collect content updates.

We offer Push Over Satellite solution where you can distribute your content in a coverage of satellite footprint. Your content is broadcasted over satellite, divided in to chunks based on your link speed and regenerated on end-point without packet loss.

Example Case Study

Assuming given service is Push VOD for National Buses and allocated space segment is 2 Mbps to achieve the transfer.

• If a movie is in 720p H.264 format, approximate size of the movie will be 800 MB.

• Chunk Calculation: 800000 KB / (2000 Kbps / 8 bits) = 3200 chunks of 250 KB (data rate for 2Mbps) size per chunk.

• To send the movie, 3200 seconds is needed ~= 50 mins.

• This Push service is open to signal cuts and packet loss. Packet loss can be recovered by push loops and/or with a 3/4.5G based hybrid solution.

• Assuming a packet lost with 10% means.

3200 chunks x 10% = 320 x 250 KB = 80 MB size of loss.

• Each chunk has its own ID, so system can collect missing chunks on next loop.

• As additional solution, a percentagle level can be defined to collect missing packets from 3/4.5G. Such as if loss is less than %3.

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