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IPTV Over Satellite

About Traditional Broadcasting

Broadcasting, IPTV and OTT are common techniques of today's television sector. These methods have some advantages and disadvantages compared to each others. 

Traditional broadcasting has wide area access with high bitrate usage, not easy to afford. For IPTV, it's cheap but you need to have your own infrastructure and has narrow scope. For OTT,it has global access to but expensive. We suggest the technology that solves these problems and makes it easier to deploy.


A standard definition 576p channel with MPEG2 encoding consumes 3 Mbps satellite bandwidth. If you compress it to HEVC video with HE-AAC audio with 2 Pass encoding option, it can be placed in 500 kbps with same resolution. So, you can have 6 channels instead of one. All these 6 channels can be carried on satellite with a single PID carrying these 6 UDP MPEG-TS streams inside (DVB-MPE).


This single service PID get de-encapsulated to 6 UDP MPEG-TS streams in 3 Mbps and you can receive these channels in a location where satellite covers. So, you make your own IPTV backbone over satellite. If you have suitable devices which can decode HEVC & HE-AAC UDP MPEG-TS, you can plan on the location immediately. Or you can transcode it to a different format for standard devices.

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